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Known for our own projects in anything from e-commerce websites to internet systems and mobile apps, Huvoo became a leader in building and supporting dedicated software development teams for customers worldwide. Our unique process and years of market expertise earned us trust and credibility in both development itself and in the software team outsourcing space. Based on our extensive development expertise, we will custom-build an entire team for your specific need. So you will be able to minimize communication issues, personality clashes, and other perils of individual developer outsourcing. We can develop any website or app ourselves or supply you with a highly qualified team in various areas, including Software Development, Web Development, Mobile Development and Software Application Development.

Software Development Teams

Mobile Development Teams

Web Development Teams

Software Applications Development

Our Work Process

A glance on our creative work process

  • Planning

  • Prototyping

  • Developing

Trust Huvoo to make your development outsourcing a successful one…

.Net Developers

Because of our unique position in Eastern Europe’s tech hub, we can easily provide our clients with a right .Net developer or a whole team of dedicated developers to suit any need. The Eastern European market is rich in programmers. If you know where to look (and we do), you can find anyone from junior specialists with limited experience to highly-qualified experts who can give Silicon Valley a run for its money.

Android Developers

For your Android development outsourcing, Huvoo is unmatched in expertise of our talent pool. Whatever your Android need, our programmers have the right skills to get the job done. Whether a single Android developer or an entire team – you will get proven skills and top notch ability. Whether you need a mid-level or senior developer, Huvoo will find you the manpower needed to get your Android mobile app development project done as intended.

Ruby Developers

For top notch Ruby application development work, turn to Huvoo. We can supply you with qualified Ruby specialists or entire teams of dedicated Ruby programmers. In Eastern Europe, we have a wide range of skilled and qualified Ruby developers to suit any need. Chose from a junior, middle or senior developer – depending on your exact need and budget.

iOS Developers

iPhone app development outsourcing requires careful screening to ensure your work is being done by skilled specialists who will make all your iOS ideas into a fully functional reality. Huvoo has a pool of iOS developers with different skill levels: junior, middle or senior developers. We can provide a whole team of skilled programmers with specific iOS expertise.

Java Developers

Whether you need a single Java developer or an entire team of experts, our skilled programmers use Java to develop systems tailored to your specific need. We can easily find mid-level or even senior programmers to keep your Java development outsourcing on par with domestic quality of work. Our remote team of experienced Java professionals will help you get the most of Java outsourcing.

Php Developers

Improve your Php outsourcing with our highly qualified Php programmers, who will get your project done faster and on budget. With our connections in the Eastern European tech market, we have a wide choice of developers with specific PHP skills. Just tell us your specific need and we will select the right team members for your project.

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Huvoo Work Showcase

Management and Communication

We allow you to communicate with your hired team directly, using the most popular communication and project management tools. This way you can easily stay on top of the projects and hold the team accountable every step of the way. That being said, you can also communicate with your team in other ways – just be open about your preferences and expectations.

All of our developers have strong English skills and are additionally taught the best practices of client interaction. Of course, Huvoo’s management and customer service teams are standing by for any ad hoc project questions.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is in putting together cohesive, highly functional teams for specific projects

From the many projects completed by Huvoo, we know how to put together the perfect team. With our direct management of teams and transparent pricing – clients feel safe and certain in a project’s success. Run by seasoned professionals with expertise in every service that we provide, Huvoo makes certain that each member of your team is perfect for the task.

From the beginning until the work is fully completed, you have complete control over every aspect of the project. With popular project management and communication tools at your disposal, you will never be left guessing.

We were all freelancers ourselves at some point, doing the exact same work we are now supervising – so we understand and respect our talent’s situation. Huvoo strives to provide a nurturing environment for our teams and freelancers so they could keep developing their skills, build connections with other freelancers, and generally feel happy about their work. The key here is open communication and respect for every team member.

Who We Are